This is a Black Belt School Actually, we are a Midnight Blue Belt School.  Tang Soo Do schools that continue to follow the teachings of Grand Master Hwang Kee, utilize a Midnight Blue Belt instead of a Black Belt.  In Korea, the color black represents perfection.  In our Humility, we realize that we will never be perfect, however, we can continue to strive towards perfection.  So, we wear a Midnight Blue Belt.  Listed below are the names of the students that Belton Martial Arts Academy has had the privilege to promote to the various Dan levels. The names listed in Green have tested but are awaiting official promotion ceremony.  Those in Red are the students who are scheduled to test at our next Dan Shim Sa. © Belton Martial Arts Academy 2016 Made with MAGIX Sahm Dan (3rd Degree)   David Weathers        Oct 2012 Tim Caughlin May 2014 Sarah Smith      Oct 2016 Kyo Sa (Instructor)   David Weathers        Oct 2012 Sarah Smith May 2014 David Woodall          Nov 2015 Sharon Woodall       Nov 2015 Ee Dan (2nd Degree)   David Weathers              Oct 2009 Tim Caughlin                 May 2011 Brian Evans                    Oct 2012 Benjamin Davis              Oct 2012 Sarah Smith       May 2014 Trace Richards              Nov 2014 Chris Colvin                  May 2015 Aiden Porter                  May 2015 Adreanna Hernandez    May 2015 Robert Hogan                Nov 2015 David Woodall                Apr 2016 Sharon Woodall              Apr 2016 Matthew Woodall            Apr 2016 Cain Porter                      Apr 2016 Cho Dan (1st Degree)   Tim Caughlin             May 2009 Shannon Acevedo      May 2009 Garrett Cox                   Nov 2009 Cara Cox                       Nov 2009 Connor Cox                  Nov 2009 Richard Auingan          May 2010 Elijah Garza                  May 2010 Catalina DeVarona        Oct 2010 Ben Davis                      Oct 2010 Alex Deaton                  May 2011 Sarah Smith                  Nov 2011 Marcos Basaldua         Nov 2011 Danielle Cox                May 2012 Trace Richards             Oct 2012 Saswath Venkatesh     Oct 2012 Kaylin Vergara              Oct 2012 Adreanna Hernandez  May 2013 David Woodall              Nov 2013 Robert Hogan               Nov 2013 Christopher Bean         Nov 2013 Cain Porter                    Nov 2013 Savanna Proctor          May 2014 Rijul Gupta                    May 2014 Lilly Hodge                    Apr 2016 Cho Dan (1st Degree)   Jennifer Batson          May 2009 Joshua Batson    May 2009 Stacy Cox                    Nov 2009 Daniel Greenberg       Nov 2009 Ariel Mundis                Nov 2009 Brian Evans                 May 2010 Vincent Sottosanti      May 2010 Alyssa Deaton              Oct 2010 Kal Buscaino                Oct 2010 Alexandra Sottosanti   May 2011 Hank Hall                       Nov 2011 Paul “PJ” Deason         Nov 2011 Chris Colvin                  Oct 2012 Aiden Porter                  Oct 2012  Gayathri Thirunavukkarasu           Oct 2012 Casin Sellears               Oct 2012 Matthew Woodall          May 2013 Sharon Woodall            Nov 2013 Edith Reyes-Sanchez   Nov 2013 Pablo Reyes-Sanchez  Nov 2013 Camryn Drake               Nov 2013 Cole Gowan                   Nov 2015