Kyo Sa Nim Sarah Smith Sarah Smith was born in Lubbock, Texas, but moved to Temple when she was four months old and has lived here ever since.  She is a homeschool graduate and a National Merit Finalist.  In the fall of 2010, she left Texas for two semesters to attend John Brown University in Arkansas, but the lure of the dojang called her back.  After two semesters, she returned to Texas and to Belton Martial Arts Academy, her second home.  She is now enrolled at the University of Mary Hardin Baylor, where she will contiunue her academic studies closer to the dojang. Sarah started training under Kyo Sa Nim Pugh at Belton Martial Arts Academy in 2008 at the age of 16, surprising her family by her devotion to martial arts.  She trained for over three years, spending most of her spare time learning Tang Soo Do.  In the fall of 2011, Sarah completed her testing requirements for her Midnight Blue Belt and the rank of Cho Dan.  She was awarded her new rank in December 2011.  After she came back from Arkansas, Kyo Sa Nim Pugh offered Sarah’s dream job to her; the chance to teach Tang Soo Do under him.  It has been Sarah’s dream since White Belt to have the chance to teach others what she knows of Tang Soo Do.  In November 2013, Sarah successfully tested for and received her Ee Dan and then in May 2014 received her Kyo Sa Certification. Kyo Sa Nim Smith is continuing her college education online while working on the rank of Sahm Dan.  Her hope is to eventually open a dojang of her own and continue to work towards mastery of Tang Soo Do. © Belton Martial Arts Academy 2016 Made with MAGIX