American Tang Soo Do Association History The organization known as the American Tang Soo Do Association (ATA) was chartered in Massachusetts in 1973, under the direction of Grand Master Byrne. This is one of the first Tang Soo Do organizations created in the United States and is still in operation with a tremendous member base.  Foreseeing the future popularity of his martial art, Grand Master Byrne focused the ATA on the promotion of traditional Tang Soo Do, by forming a curriculum, setting standards for promotion, maintaining quality leadership, and sponsoring events like tournaments and clinics. On March 8, 1997, The ATA launched a campaign to expand throughout the United States and the international community.  The vision was to bring high standards and ideals to Tang Soo Do martial artisits while charging reasonable rates and fees.  Judging from the consistent growth of the organization and quality of its instructors and students, the ATA has been a tremendous success.  It will certainly promote fellowship and quality in Tang Soo Do as it contues to move forward in the future.     Made with MAGIX © Belton Martial Arts Academy 2016