I did Tang Soo Do because I thought it was cool.  Although it is cool, it has taught me many things.  I have learned to work hard.  I have also learned to make goals and stick to them.  Tang Soo Do has taught better self control and focus.  Above all, I have learned to believe in and be proud of myself.    Dominic Cirimele, age 7 Tang Soo Do feels great.  Ever since I've been doing Tang Soo Do, I've lost a lot of weight.  I have more self-discipline and I'm doing better in school.  My self- confidence has grown stronger knowing that I can defend myself.  I'm proud to be a senior white belt and I'm looking forward to being the senior orange belt in my class.... most of all I've made friends and had a lot of fun. Dillon Green, age 11 © Belton Martial Arts Academy 2016 Made with MAGIX