The Karat-A-Tots program is a maximum 2 year program that follows a curriculum designed to prepare younger students for the regular Youth Beginners Class. Students start with a regular "White Belt" and as long as they attend classes regularly, they will receive a new belt every six (6) months. In between each new belt, they will receive a stripe on their current belt for each month of regular attendance as follows: · Yellow Stripe Orange Stripe  · Green Stripe  · Red Stripe  · Blue Stripe  Of course, along the way, they will learn to demonstrate basic kicks, punches, and blocks. Additionally, they will learn basic dojang etiquette (bowing, courtesy, etc.). When the student turns 6, they will be promoted to the Youth Beginner Class.  This class is designed in such a way as to aid former Karat-A- Tot students in the transition from the structure of the 1/2 hour Tots class to the 45 minute Youth Class.  At the end of 6 months, the students will be ready to participate in the regular Belt Testing and receive their Orange Belt. © Belton Martial Arts Academy 2016 Made with MAGIX Playing a game of Leap From